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Social Media Tips – engaging social communities


Social Media Tips


Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

Here is the most frequent request our customers make of us:  “Please give us some tips on how to get our social media community more active”.


While a lot has to do with the current social media brand voice and social media positioning, there are a few things you CAN do to get your social media friends to upload more images of your brand, product and services.


The simple way is to give them something to talk about!  In the case of our hotel and resort social media clients, we try to have them create unique onsite social experiences.  How can they do that?  Here are three ways:


  1. Create social media spots throughout the resort.  Remember those places that were so amazing people would stop along side of the road and take a picture [normally next to a sign that read Kodak, inspired by the Kodak moment]?  Well, there are many amazing spots on your hotel or resort where you could create a these moments and have people post an image of them at that spot.  Don’t forget to place a special floor covering with your brand’s logo…just keep it subtle.


  1. Social media fan special events.  Create events where your fans [and only fans] can come. During that event, ask them to take lots of pictures and post them to their Facebook.  Once you hit a target number of posts (make it small), open a complimentary buffet during an hour for them or offer them a comlimentary drink.


  1. Create onsite events and ask people to RSVP by posting an image of their favorite on property location through a specialty Facebook App [Don’t have a Facebook app for that? We offer one for $500].  This will create loads of user generated posts, engagement and build your relationship with your guests.


We have a slew of simple-to-execute tactics on how to get more people posting more images of your property more often without having to pay them.


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