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About Plannersite


For over 25 years Plannersite has been one of the industry’s leading travel firms providing an array of services to global travelers seeking to expand their their experiences anywhere they travel.  We help bring out the many places that are left unseen when you go out on vacation, you know, the off the beaten path locations that bring sensitivity back to your life: yes, the sensitivity you have lost at work and by living vicariously through social media.

Our seasoned Away Team hits the pavement on your behalf searching for the right fit locations and tours and experiences to make sure that your vacation, however long it may be, is a memorable one.

In addition, Plannersite’s unique Spanish Countryside Heritage Tours brings together your ancestors, their history, the times of their life in Spain, and your life.  Many of our travelers think of it as Time Travel.   What’s that all about?  After you complete your genealogy with 23andMe or, we do some research into the towns where your ancestors came from and we do our homework bringing into the fold Phd’s in History from the region of Spain your ancestors are from, and then recreate important events in the lives of your parents, grandparents or ancestors.  Our college history students come dressed in period and take you to the places your ancestors sat and drank coffee, ate, fished, and met.  You become part of that time period in a living museum tailored to your heritage. Now you can understand why you think the way you do and why your parents ended up in America.

Our Approach


Plannersite is the preeminent provider of global travel experiences.  We share those off the beaten path locations, the small acorns people normally miss or don’t consider because they are not online with our travelers.  We also work to bring to life your heritage.  Actors fill the streets with personalized experiences to take you back to your roots.  In addition, our dark city tours allow you passage to behind the scenes locations.  Yes, a kinda back stage pass to the traditional landmarks.  We host a private breakfast with the priest at that historic church or the curator of museums like El Prado.  These things you can only do with Plannersite.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at +1.786.546-2778 or via email to


We believe there is a powerful combination of old world history, your ancestors and a modern showmanship of how it all ties back to you. We deliver a piece of your heritage that you can only get here with Plannersite.