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We are an independent agency of thinkers and idea makers, people who love to create dynamic and engaging excursions for all groups of 10 or more people.  At Plannersite we search out the most unique activity you can imagine.  Yup, that’s right, we can put together back stage passes to meet the bull fighters in Madrid, or put together a luncheon at the Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Mexico City with the head of the church.

What makes us more unique is that we are an company that finds unique excursions where available, and if not, we create them and ask local destination management companies to put them in action.  We work hand-inhand with DMCs and Tour Operators to build what you want.

Rich in imagination and robust in technology as a key vehicle to help you tell the best travel story, Plannersite is a travel design firm, a development company and a group of restless individuals who are always in pursuit of a new way to connect, engage and turn ideas into life programs for travelers to enjoy.