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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization


SEO Strategy


An essential part of any digital program is the need to drive quality traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and at Valorem

Group, we offer best-in-practice solutions to drive those leads and traffic while maneuvering through the complexities of best practices,

regulations, and customer needs.


At Valorem Group we not only create world-class marketing programs, but also provide corporate support services that help companies better understand the current state of their marketing programs.


Our services include:


Marketing Audit:  Similar to your current accounting audits, we conduct marketing audits to help you understand if your digital

programs are really meeting your goals.  As a third party, we analyze your marketing programs and determine how closely they match

your business goals.  Whether you are executing simple Search Engine Optimization programs where you have little visibility of the

actions taken by your marketing firm, or you are involved in a multi-million dollar brand campaign, our efforts provide you with powerful

audits that can help you detect new actions that should be taken to improve your market position.


ROI Assessment:  While creativity and design is the key focal point of marketing agencies, we bring to the table the ability to measure

the optimal return on investment.  Does your Search Engine Optimization program generate quality traffic, or just traffic?  Is your

campaign communicating what you want the public to know, or is it not creating the buzz you intended to create?  The answer is with

solid third party analysis of ROI and expectations.  Our reports help your agencies improve their methods and to build campaigns that

will generate leads and greater acquisition.


Digital Securitization:  Valorem Group also provides advisory services relating to technical, operational, and compliance matters

associated with domestic and international marketing and reporting, securitization of digital assets, and valuation of marketing

instruments.  We look at your current marketing company and help you understand the value of its assets in order to help you spend wisely.  We help you understand

the best practices of global digital marketing and stay away from making mistakes that may cost you your digital reputation.


While there are no consulting agencies dedicated fully to auditing your marketing programs and partners, and providing support to you

and them, we have been doing for over a decade.  We recommend improvement of your current marketing programs or new strategies

for your company based on solid market insights, and then help your marketing firm reach those goals.  In essence, we are here to help

you and your agencies.