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Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rica, San Jose



Unique Tours and Unique Experiences

Costa Rica is a land of diversity: its landscapes range from mountains, volcanoes, valleys and plains to beaches. Such variety is matched by a fabulous wealth of ecosystems. Fully 5% of all the plants and animals on the planet call Costa Rica home. Over 200 mountains and 760 beaches on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts make for a lot of exploring, and nearly 1/4 of all land is national parkland making Costa Rica the optimal place for tours and excursions for your group and incentive programs.


Food & Adventure Tours:

What tours do visitors do when they visit Costa Rica? They do everything they would do at any tropical vacation spot – and then again they do things they have never done before. After lounging on the beach, how about visiting a cloud forest? After sailing, you could kayak in the mangroves. After visiting the world’s longest constantly active volcano (Arenal), why not bask in hot spring spas? After golf, try a jungle safari. After parasailing, don’t miss flying through the rain forest on canopy zip lines.

After the excitement of whitewater rafting tour, relax in the calm of a butterfly farm. Whether your tours have you searching for world class or rustic, Costa Rica has a super natural combination that will be memorable for your group and incentive program.  Here you can find large conference centers in the jungle, championship golf resorts, lively Latin music to to traditional, indigenous and Caribbean entertainment – plus extraordinary hospitality – it all adds up to the “Pura Vida” (Pure Life) experience!

Valorem Group and its partners in Costa Rica will arrange for a memorable tour or excursion, just click on the Costa Rica Tours link here to get started.


Costa Rica Map

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